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Saturday, 27 February 2016

What is Tough Science Fiction?

Any science fiction enthusiast has faced multitudes of worlds, built for games, movies or stories, that fall apart the moment you take a closer look at them. They might be your favorite worlds: Star Wars, Halo, or lately, The Expanse, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, they force the audience to suspend disbelief more than they should, creating an extra level of difficulty when it comes to hooking them in.
Kind of hard to keep dramatic tension going
They said the projectiles are too slow, the system too mass-inefficient, but there are ways...

One genre defined by the stuggle to create living settings in science fiction is Hard SF. 'An emphasis on scientific or technical detail' is a sure-fire way to create a realistic and functional universe, but often the need to adhere to realism slows creativity, stresses the narration, leads to unprobable results or otherwise has negative effects. One of the biggest complaints is that it just isn't 'fun'.

Not every can work under the constraints of hard science fiction and still realize their original vision.

This blog therefore try to help authors, world-builders and game designers to create Tough Science Fiction. This is science fiction that is as resistant as Hard Science Fiction to criticism, review and general prodding and poking by the audience, but does not sacrifice the author's vision or core concepts to pure, dry realism. This will be done by proposing science fiction concepts, worked examples, illustrations, simplified mathematics and science explanations that will bridge the gap between realistic science fiction and the liberties taken for granted in Space Opera and Fantasy.



  1. Awesome. Discovered your blog two days ago. Really digging what you do.

    1. I greatly appreciate your support! I've had lots of great people join in the discussion, and I'm getting noticed by my personal heroes... so expect this whole thing to continue growing!

  2. This is the perfect name and summary for what I try and do in my sci-fi work. I'd previously been using Semi-Hard, but that lead to a disturbing amount of innuendo. Kudos for putting a great name to it!